EDitorial ± 18-Jan-2018

Light Lunches: First, Clopton

Become subject to Brownian Motion has the boy Andy since his retirement six months back. Entirely random fluctuations appear to dicate whether we'll see him during any given week and on which day and at which time. Are you free at 3:30pm for a very late lunch, he might ask? Or I could do 9:30am if that's better? Some of us remain in full time employment. For which we should be grateful, obvs.

Out of the Prussian blue came a mid-morning message announcing his availability. No good for Kev but I'm in, and off we sailed in the VW Land Yacht past the Debach serpentine, left on the B1078 and left again into Debach Enterprises open bracket Clopton Commercial Park close bracket. Somewhere in here is a highly rated coffee shop. There, with its rakish roof and de trop decking, sits first.

As per, I'm ahead of the game since I woz 'ere last week. Happens that Mr George does some bleeding edge 3D stuff in one of these units and invited a bunch of us out. Impressive hardware and an even more impressiver eatery next door. Specials today include Med veg, a four cheese macaroni and, Andy's choice, avocado and bacon on sourdough (complete with a Gog/Magog of salad bits). I'm sticking with the combo, a magnificently generous bacon and sausage granary bap with a wodge of Stokes brown sauce. Oh my, with a Maynard House apple & raspberry juice to replace last week's Karma Cola. Ain't often that the San Pellegrino comes a poor third on the soft drink podium.

Whitewashed Alt-J breezeblocks, ply galore and heavy "first" branding give this unit a unique feel, like it or not. Canny owners The Fords made it happen so they'd have decent coffee on their Debach doorstep and, while trade seems slow today, it's all in antipation of this business park growing. Good-looking cakes are painstakingly arranged and calling out to us: rocky road for the driver, raspberry & white chocolate muffin stroke flapjack for me. Sweet in every way with a quality flat white alongside. If you build it...

If it was a car -- TREZOR.
If they were passing by -- Jeremy Deller.