EDitorial ± 15-Jun-2019

Ipswich Lunches: The Green Room

Friday came and went with a sad and single and perfectly pleasant one man trip to the M&S caff. Late afternoon text arrived, though: I've got business in the 'Swich on Saturday, said Andy. Fancy meeting up? Interrogated my cerebrum and a proposed destination materialised. Yep, said Andy, see you there. By the way, I'm running a bit late. As per, as per.

Opened in April 2019, The Green Room occupies the old Hubbard's antiques premises on St Margaret's Green. Owner Su-Ling has inventively used the opening to the right for several open-air tables meaning you can be half-in, half-out. We ordered our jambon-beurre -- with remoulade and cornichons, natch -- and houmous du jour ("that'll take a while") and grabbed some external seats. Tres continental, sitting au soleil and getting beaucoup d'inquisitive looks from passing motorists. Le singe est dans l'arbre, vraiment.

Oddly enough, as we were soaking up the UV, the Google StreetView car scuttled past. I unashamedly leapt from my chair to further secure immortality in the June 2019 update and watched as it turned right at the lights before doubling back along Soane Street to come past again. Look out for the unassuming chap in the blue cycle top, folks.

My paprika-ed houmous was worthy of the wait accompanied by a mighty fine baguette. All the way from La France, evidemment, and shipped over here by road to avoid the nasty air miles. Nonsuch Shrub cold drink, blackcurrant and juniper, "with apple cyder vinegar", made for a curious match. Other patrons included a nuclear family who'd just bought a house up the road and a local character on a mobility scooter c/w shaggy dog. Try the coffee! he shouted to some passers-by.

Far from a simple caff, TGR is also an atelier, offering gallery space for aspiring artists and a space for community events. Currently on show was work by Madeleine Tapp. I was admiring her large abstracts before it was pointed out to me that she was sitting in the cafe itself. You don't get that at the Musee d'Orsay. Wonderful advantage of a Saturday outing is not having to return to the office. That somehow made it even better to sip a grand creme and share a sumptuous brownie and a jewel slice, being a sweet slab of candied fruit on a caramel bar. The Green Room? Merveilleux!

If it was a car -- Citroen DS 19 Cabriolet.
If they were passing by -- Vicki Michelle.