EDitorial ± 5-Jul-2023

Light Lunches: Harvey & Co

A few years back I made efforts to watch The Numbers Station, a 2013 "actioner" with John "High Fidelity" Cusack as, checks notes, a burned-out CIA agent. Some great shots of the Orwell Bridge over the credits, plus Snape and the railway museum at Chappel in Essex. Most intriguingly, it was largely filmed at the old RAF Bentwaters. Fascinating locations, frightful film. If you only catch one John Cusack picture this year, avoid this and try Grosse Pointe Blank, say.

Come 1:15pm and we're edging over the speedbumps of the Base Business Park, not expecting Cusack but keeping 'em peeled for America House. Up here on the left, it's not white, as you might expect, but SR-71A black, apart from the pink bits. Lettering screams CAFE to the left. BAKERY to the right and Harvey & Co in the centre. Four Barbie-coloured picnic benches complete the picture.

Through the black cloth strips and we're in a space both fab and groovy with mismatched furniture and aa wall illustrating the soudough process complete with a kitchen peephole, if that's your sort of thing. Much of the counter is covered with baked goodness, a la Two Magpies, with sriracha chicken brioche, cheese scones with chilli jam, authentic baguettes, to name only a trio. For some reason Andy's French toast with caramelised bananas ain't available today so he'll slum it with a serrano & chorizo toastie. I'm tempted by the Turkish eggs but go for the posh beans on toast. Love a pulse, me. Windy out so inside table for us.

That "Harvey" is Harvey Allen, he of Honey & Harvey -- see also their Ipswich premises -- who's done a Peter Gabriel and gone Han Solo. Food's fab, obviously, and clearly a bunch of their trade is takeaway. Oh, and they're also supplying various local pubs, delis, etc.

Andy, who'd passed a memory test the previous day with flying colours, so he said, couldn't quite remember if he'd ordered me that flat white I'd asked for; his chai latte appeared a good five minutes before my drink. Which was excellent, by the way, alongside a necessarily shared slab of bakewell. Driving away, did a quick check that The Diner is still there, which it is, then I got overexcited having glimpsed the familiar silhouette of an A-10 Thunderbolt. You should try the Cold War Museum, suggested the driver: coupled with some grub from Harvey & Co. what an outing that would be.

If it was a car -- Lancia Flavia.
If they were passing by -- Phoebe Waller-Bridge.