EDitorial ± 22-Sep-2023

Ipswich Lunches: Moments, Town Hall

Tricky area, that Cornhill, bang centre of The 'Swich -- Pret were all set to let the old Grimwades then opted to reset: much regret, no baguette, yet their logo haunts empty units. Debenhams, beset with debt, departed leaving their store a silhouette. The 2018 concrete plinths, Cornhenge, let's not forget, caused nothing but upset. For out latest luncheonette, I proposed we meet by the water jet: hail Andy, well met!

Once upon a time -- 2012 -- the Town Hall contained the wonderful Snobs. Sobs ensued when they disappeared. Coupla years later came the crazily named Town Hall Tea Room. Now, in the year of our Lord 2023, it's one of three Moments coffee shops run by the local St Elizabeth Hospice: there's another at Stowmarket and one we've done up on Foxhall Road, handy for meeting your son after his eye operation half a mile away, say.

Same space as before though this time they're already flogging Christmas stuff on the mezzanine and one wall is covered with hanging cups and saucers, a tad less threatening than the traditional overhead Costa ceramics. Sausage rolls again? Nope, we're instead directed to a full printed menu with far more choice. Classic bacon roll for the pedestrian and a respectful King Charles coronation chicken for the cyclist: loving the presentation with that ramekin of ready salted and salad tump. Most agreeable comfy corner sofa for us two gents of a certain age though mind your shins, Andy, on that gold table. Fun, too, to find the fridge with its array of chilled beverages: no clues here.

Others are tucking in including at least one guy I know but can't place. After the post-Brittany and pre-Wales holiday chit-chat, that'll be the usual chai for Andy and a flat white for YT. Muchos sweet treats: his toffee traybake is suitably sticky whereas my scone is gone in sixty seconds: wot no jam? So, perhaps not quite Magic Moments (Perry Como, February 1958) but I'm not saying I May Never Pass This Way Again (Perry Como, June 1958).

If it was a car -- Ford Mondeo.
If they were passing by -- Lynne Mortimer.