EDitorial ± 6-Nov-2009

Light Lunches: Black Tiles, Martlesham

Two of us were free on a Friday. Both of us had two legs and two wheels at our disposal. One of us had a two-for-one voucher from the EADT. Boarding the Brompton and Boardman bikes, we set off past Tesco and cut along the bridleway that runs parallel to the A12. Yonder, behold the Black Tiles.

No excuse for not coming here before: sure, it's a pub, but that didn't stop us doing the Scrabble-icious Cherry Tree or the Chef & Brewer Red Lion. Also, this completes our ABC tour of the hip-hop Yeo chain that includes:

Had to declare our BOGOF vouchers upfront (gets us the cheaper main course free) and book a table, and in we're taken to the airy dining area. Winter berry J2Os all round would seem to be the order of the day. Specials include partridge, gnocchi and skate, alerting you to the fact that you're not at Jack's. More humble fare for us: fish for him, pie for me.

Unlike Blends yesterday, service takes its time, though this is a horse of a different colour. Good half-hour for food to hit our table ... and it's quality stuff. Super steak and mushroom pie is generously sized and filled with Laughing Gravy. Felt a Mr Pastry warm glow inside as I slowly worked my way through it, chips and peas and all. It's what November was made for.

If it was a car -- Lexus ES.
If they were passing by -- Lynda Bellingham.