EDitorial ± 14-Jan-2015

TT1415, Week 13

Biggest crowd for years tonight despite the wind, the cold and the rain, all hoping to watch a good match between two unevenly matched sides. Reduced ticket prices have helped swell the numbers and there's always the chance of an upset.

But that's enough about the football. Meantime, at the Manor Club across town, Defiants are up against it, the opponents being a well-placed second in the current table. Once more there's lightning Rosemary, thwacker Antonio and big-hitting Mick. In the first half game, Ed grabbed three unlikely points for Defiants by playing out of his skin to beat R+A+M. Can he do it again, maybe with another point or two from Steve or Yang? In brief:

  • woeful 0/3 for Ed, winning his first end of the evening before losing the next nine: v. poor
  • not unexpected 0/3 for Steve, going the whole night without an end
  • unlucky 0/3 for Yang, losing a cracking game to Rosemary

Nine singles matches played, zero points gained. Up to Ed and Yang in the doubles to grab a consolation point which they never looked like doing. Poor show all round, skunked 10-0. Plus ITFC went down 1-0 to Southampton in the FA Cup. Must try harder.