EDitorial ± 13-Feb-2017

TT1617, Defiants v. Thunderbirds

Five days back we came away with three valuable points from the Manor Club, no thanks to me. Third match in ten days tonight with a return match against our stablemates, the Thunderbirds.

Four points would be an improvement on our November meeting when, somehow, I ended up top-scorer with two points. Wasn't Natalie's night and certainly wasn't Yang's.

Three ends whizz by and I've already lost to ringer Conrad, far too good for me. Steve comes oh-so-close to pipping Andy over five really tight games, each player scoring at least nine points per end, and Natalie also comes unstuck in the fifth pleading crowd pressure. Two quality notches to the boy Cassy.

Two points is all we've gained over the first six matches. Thankfully Steve joins me and Natalie in beating Alison before Natalie loses to Conrad.

One singles match, the big showdown between me and Andy. Went entirely my way last time. Less so this time, losing the first badly but scraping the second on a deuce. All square and into the final end and Andy's ahead at the changeover. Not sure how but I triumphed 11-9. Good game. With Natalie gone, over to me and Steve to get roundly bashed in the doubles.