EDitorial ± 4-May-2017

Felixstowe Light Lunches: The Turtle and The Bear

Since Felixstowe's River Of Life has apparently dried up, thought we'd check out its Hamilton Road replacement, the Vintage Tea Rooms, only to find it vamoosed with a scary looking official notice on the door. Where now?

Along a windswept Langer Road, the Huckleberrys mother and daughter have hung up their aprons and and made way for The Turtle and The Bear, "est. 2017." There, for starters, is an intriguing name, non? Takes a few minutes to get inside due to hungry folk queueing for their freshly made baps. That wind bites so not for us the outside tables.

Relief to be seated at one of the high stools tucked either side of the door. Struck by the classiness of the joint from those snazzy lightbulbs to the wooden decor to the high-quality signage. Branding continues with the nifty sticker holding my greaseproof paper together. Innards are an absolute treat, a funky fresh club sandwich reminiscent of Carrot Cake, and that's some high praise. Bread's from The Bakery on Hamilton Road, too. Vanilla coke for me and a tastily experimental banana and peanut butter smoothie for Andy.

Tiny premises and that front door is rarely shut thanks to the steady flow of punters, most of whom the ladies behind the counter seem to know. Thankfully there's time for a vg Paddy & Scott's flat white with an equally fine slab of lemon drizzle. Well played, TTATB.

If it was a car -- The Turtle, DIY car made in Ghana.
If they were passing by -- Janet Sumner.