EDitorial ± 5-Oct-2007

Felixstowe Light Lunches: River Of Life

Following a two week hiatus thanks to chauffeur shortage (confession: I hitched a lift to Browsers last Friday lunchtime), back in the back seat with the A12 a mere blur. Yep, Andy's driving.

Park a la gare, past the indefinitely articled and unfairly maligned Coffee Shop, no need to cross a road and behold, it's the River Of Life (it's a powerful thing). As ever, consult the map for detailed directions.

Befitting its beatific location on the corner of St Andrews Road, this place is at pains to point out that it's a Christian coffee shop. Which could be why the sun was beating down on us, as we sat outside In The Light. Couldn't figure out if it was waitress service, so ordered inside. Instead of the daily papers, there's a prayer box -- Grenvyle needs all the help he can get. Limited savoury options not a problem as long as you like soup or quiche or a ham or cheese roll.

I'd started off peckish. When the food finally came (they'd had "a flow", and they are volunteers, bless 'em), I was ravenous. Quite tasty quiche, sans grated carrot, quickly consumed. Moved rapidly on to pudd: good range of obviously home-made cakes and slices, plus a half-decent coffee machine. Being harsh, points deducted for serving the coffee with a UHT sachet.

During demolition of the choc cake, a mini EDitorial readership convention sprang up, like a Felixstowe flash mob albeit without the concomitant crowd. Two wheels good, GE, and good luck with the A-bike.

If it was a car -- Fiesta with a fish on the back.
If they were passing by -- Pam Rhodes.