EDitorial ± 28-Feb-2024

Light Lunches: Hype Coffee Co

Three weeks on from our midweek junket to Maeve's when here comes another humpday hike. That was the best part of four miles in the saddle. Today's proposed outing is half that yet here's Ecocentric Andy to pick me up, door-to-door, and I won't say no. He's fresh from the physio after a recent blackout: did I mention that already?

Left at the second Ropes Drive roundabout, as navigated on my very own Tour Of Britain, to park at the midsize Tesco. Note that The Bean House has been and gone and is now an offshoot of Ocean Fish Platter. Andy used to have a well-used Brompton then sold it back to the original owner; he's now purchased another and gives me a brief W1A-style unfolding demo like a pro. Pedals pushed in, let's promenade over the guided busway to Hype, opened November 2023. Bring your own exclamation mark.

Inside is neon lettering and wooden boxes and timber shelves, basically a most welcoming space. Menu, like Hype's interior, is both compact and inviting. Nachos? Panini? Benedict? We both resemble Natalie Imbruglia in our decision making: finally it's the pancakes for me and the eggs/smashed avo/chilli flakes on toast for the driver. Haven't mentioned any soft-drink choices in a while: great selection here, Yazoo for him, Lipton for me. Grub was great, those Kansas pancakes more than comparable with those from the revamped Kesgrave Kitchen and that's some high praise.

With much talk of diabetes, something that both Andy and my mum have succumbed to, dessert was inevitable. At least we shared that fruit scone. With jam. And cream. Hopefully Mrs Andy, like the world in general, doesn't read these reviews. Of the couple sitting outside, Andy recognised the bloke and had a quick chat when we left, after which he still had no idea who it was. Need a recommendation? I've been back to eat twice. Believe the Hype.

If it was a car -- Bugatti EB110 hypercar.
If they were passing by -- John Turturro.