EDitorial ± 7-Feb-2024

Woodbridge Lunches: Maeve's

Chill February lunchtime to get on my bike and ride up and down Sandy Lane into the "beautiful and vibrant market town" that is Woodbridge. Had warmed up nicely at the peak before the descent past Notcutts and the Riverside then up to D-lock outside Caffe Nero. Talking of which, saw a guy donating his completed Nero loyalty card to the Big Issue woman on the Thoroughfare, a thoroughly fine act.

Past the Porsche and beyond the Two Magpies and the dead Browsers bookshop used to be the rather good Christine's. Not no more, mes braves, 'cos Maeve's has moved in. Lots of seating but nearly all of it taken so best I grab those two people-peeping window seats. I'm assessing the smashed avocados 'n' chickpeas or the salt beef sourdough or the bubble & squeak when Andy arrives. He promptly decides on the American pancakes or breakfast bagel and is promptly told that those items are only available up to 11:30am, sorry. Thinking on his feet, he opts for the chicken gyros; I'll take the £11 BLT, please. Food orders will take around 20 minutes, we're told: all good.

Decor features butterflies and generic coffee imagery and endeavours to promote fika (see The Milk Shed), essentially pastries and coffee, essentially me. That bacon and lettuce and tomato in toasted Harvey & Co sourdough was served with a classy slaw and justifies its cost, and those gyros go down well too. That name Maeve, by the way, is, I believe, the new owner's young daughter. I'd like to think she dresses in mauve.

Comfortably into the second half of the working week hence additional allowed time for a slice of mocha cake with a zippy cortado. Many are the cake options at Maeve's. Sugar levels restored, he's off to play ping-pong at the community centre while YT pushes off to the office. That BLT sustained me cycling up the Red Lion hill.

If it was a car -- TVR Sagaris with a Tavo Maeve small pet car seat.
If they were passing by -- Thelma Barlow.