EDitorial ± 8-Mar-2007

TT0607, Week 22

At work for 7:30am with ping-pong practice at 1pm so I could leave at 3:45pm to take Middler dancing for 4:30pm and pick her up at 6:45pm to reach home at 7:15pm and back out for TT match at 8pm.

We were right royally whitewashed when last we met tonight's oppos: not so tonight, for we are tigers, etc. Now, their best two guys both have 75%-plus averages: neither me nor Kev could trouble them overly, but the boy Cassy took 'em all the way and coulda shoulda beaten one of 'em (numerous missed matchpoints). Kev gained an end though not the game against their number three, who thankfully went down to me and KC. Five ends for an epic doubles heralded an old motorbike joke: the roar of our triumph was heard throughout the land. Net result, three more points than our first-half encounter.

A tactical decision left Arvind on the touchline, spectating and umpiring. Over caramel milkshakes it emerged that he'd have secured two points this evening, apparently, though that could be the Explorer talking.