EDitorial ± 1-May-2007

Remaining Indefinitely

Today, May 1st 2007, I am become as nothing. For as the Buddha tells us, nothing is permanent, and this very day I have become a permanent employee. Nigh on a decade of carefree contracting over, like that, gone like The Flash on his cosmic treadmill, whoosh.

Get a good job with more pay
And you're OK
— Pink Floyd, Money

Whenever new people join the Indian branch of the company, there's an introductory email does the rounds with a brief profile of the lucky recruit. This includes not just a thumbnail photo but random items seemingly picked off their application form, such as hobbies, ambitions and even, lately, a "success mantra". Here's the one that I sent out:

It's our pleasure to welcome and introduce Ed Broom.

Ed Broom has joined the Blankety Blank team in Ipswich as Support Consultant. He has 19.8 years experience and has been with Eastern Electricity, Ipswich.

Ed's biggest strength is his knowledge of 80s pop and his favourite pastime is searching for the perfect marshmallow. His happiest moment was playing lead euphonium in the school brass band.

Job for life? Wage slave? Tish and tosh. 'Course, there'll be changes. Less need to show off technically. Paid leave, there's a novelty. Longer lunches, esp. on a Friday. Extended chats about last night's Top Gear around the water cooler, near the fruit. Regular handfuls of Minstrels: can afford to let that waistline slip a tad. Participation, correction "attendance", at team meetings. And a slap-up fried brekky at the end of the week. Yes, I have turned permy.