EDitorial ± 10-Sep-2007


Guess the malodorous connection between:

  • my rucksack
  • Eldest's box of Playmobil
  • The Boy's bodywarmer
  • G's pile of wet washing
  • Eldest's bed
  • Middler's bed
  • The Boy's bed, repeatedly
  • Middler's school bag
  • my pyjamas
  • mother-in-law's furry coat on New Year's Eve

Answer: all of the above have been wee-d on by one of our 'orrible cats. Urgh.

I say "one" since (a) we have two mogs, two more that I'd ideally like, and (b) we'd never caught one of them in the act. Initial bets were on Snowy, the black ratbag. Recently the odds have shortened on Misty, the grey ratbag. But with it happening more and more (all upstairs doors are now closed during the day), how best to pinpoint the offender for imminent "rehousing"?

Would love to take credit for it though was G's idea, perhaps inspired by the near-lengendary FruitCam, to set up a honeytrap -- leave The Boy's bedroom door open, his scrunched up duvet at its most inviting, and rig up a webcam. Which I did on Saturday morning, hooking up my orange D-Link to the laptop and activating the motion sensor. Anything moves on the bed and snap!

Was able to follow all the action on the downstairs machine. Ignoring an impromptu dance by Middler and a play visit by The Boy and his mate, spotted a standalone JPEG taken at 13:44:29. Well, well, if it isn't Misty? Bounded upstairs to find a stinky soggy pile of bedclothes. We have a winner.

Do let me know if you're looking for an adorable house-trained cat.