EDitorial ± 4-Oct-2007

TT0708, Week 4

Didn't recognise any of the oppo's faces tonight. Two guys, one gal, the three of 'em with names beginning A, B and C, straight out of Dr Seuss. Transpired that:

  • C hadn't played for six months -- during her last game, she'd had to break up a fight between an opponent and a team-mate (who was umpiring)
  • A threatened but couldn't deliver, going down to Kev in five ends
  • B took home their only points of the night, beating Arvind & Kev while unapologetically winning a key game on a net

I got hot as a dog beating B (best form of attack is all-out defence), using my lucky Rave T-shirt as a towel, then got hotter still looping them back against A. BT Defiants: played 3, won 3, against 5, for 25. Ain't all bad down in the bottom league, no sirree.