EDitorial ± 8-Oct-2007

TT0708, Week 5

Poor old Kev. Turned up late to a venue he doesn't like, root canal work tomorrow, played below par and went home (in a Weakest Link style) with nothing.

Meantime Ed and Arvind drove the Defiants diesel ever onwards, beating both Cormorants convincingly. Only two for the opposition: mysterious Russian's non-appearance equals three walkover points for us.

Next table had some familiar faces from Trimley, plus C from last week. Gleaned more info about that ping pong pandemonium:

  • with E as umpire, C finished her game against D: bear in mind that E and D have a little "history"
  • both players went to shake hands with E, the umpire, who was writing down the final score
  • D held out her hand, unseen by E, still writing
  • thinking she'd been ignored, D (a) slapped E, then (b) knocked a ball into E's face
  • E went for D, grabbing her and pulling her hair
  • C stepped in to break it up, restraining E

Later that evening, E's mum got involved, shouting at D, then everyone retired outside for a big clear-the-air chat. Nothing like that ever happens at our games. Shame.