EDitorial ± 5-Jun-2009

Felixstowe Light Lunches: The Triangle

Drive or cycle from Felixstowe station into the town centre and you'll come to a three-sided geometrical landmark where the longest side of Crescent Road faces the right-angle formed by Hamilton Road and Cobbold Road. Behold the Pythagorean wonder of The Triangle, an almost holy Euclidean location marked not by a henge but by some questionable public loos.

We're headed halfway along the hypotenuse to, erm, The Triangle. Hold on, the acute reader points out, surely you've hit all the gin joints in the 'Stowe a long time agowe? Indeed we have. However, you might remember this locale as the amusingly named Froffee Coffee, which we visited on one of their off-days. Almost certainly unconnected with that review, FC bit the dust towards the end of 2008. Let's move on.

Now there's comfy sofas like a Nero, arty canvas prints, and tables that go back as far as Malcolm Marshall's run-up. Must point out the pair of chiller cabinets stocked with enough items for a whole series of The Generation Game: pre-packed sarnies, muchos cold drinks, choccy bars, mini Oreos, even some Ferrero Rocher. Daily specials include shepherd's pie, chilli, or an un-light bite in the form of a rack of ribs. Thankfully, unlike Froffee, you order at the counter.

My club sandwich turned up not a moment too soon, and what a monster. Salad (undressed) on the side, and a mountain of chicken & bacon filling on the ciabatta. Really flavoursome though a devil to eat. Trick is not to let go else the whole kit and kaboodle comes apart in your hands.

Other items on the conveyor belt would include a panoply of clingfilmed cakes, whisking me back to the accurately named Coffee Shop. Yes for convenience, no for sensory appeal and freshness. Not as classy as Sangha but much improved on Froffee.

If it was a car -- Peugeot 1007.
If they were passing by -- James Morrison.