EDitorial ± 24-Feb-2012

Ipswich Lunches: No.16 Bar and Kitchen

We're not unlike Mustang Sally. But whereas all she wanted to do, reputedly, was ride around, we'd quite like to park too, if that's OK. Which we did, near Tastyfill, before taking Kraftwerk-like to our bicycles and head along Stoke Quay into the 'Swich. Park, Sally, ride.

Over a bridge and to our destination on Tacket Street. Highly commended Caffe Basso is going great guns at number 18. NKOTB next door (in the former Millet's premises) at number 16 is, er, No.16. These multiply Multiyork-ed surroundings are as deep and spacious as deep space, though much lighter. Waitress service too, the lady leaving the well-stocked bar to take our drinks orders. Sensing our levels of sophistication, she suggests lime and soda. Well, alrighty.

Menu leads with tapas, which is tempting but we suspect may leave us growing lads wanting for more. Any hungrier and I'd go for the chilli or the torn roast chicken salad. As it is, the chicken and bacon club is the slightly lighter lunch, poshly presented on a wooden board with super fresh salad and a sizeable tower of tortillas. That's me sorted.

Do people still use the word "vibe"? The all-day-opening vibe is reminiscent of The Alex, quite a compliment, helped by the service with a smile and those fine furnishings. Cake is good, too -- cake is always good -- ditto the coffee, a foamy macchiato. After all that goodness, the price is good too. Sweet 16, to be sure.

If it was a car -- Jaguar C-X16.
If they were passing by -- Jenny Agutter.