EDitorial ± 8-Oct-2013

TT1314, Week 3

Only our second fixture of the new season and already we're giving away points, what with us having only two players available tonight. No matter. Pedal to the metal as Andy whooshes us out to the hamlet of Holton St Mary, home, much like Stonham Barns, to some Owls.

Present from our previous visit are good old Rupert and not so old Denise, accompanied by slightly less familiar face Chris(tine), who we've also seen before. In brief:

  • another 2/3 for Andy, winning five enders against both Rupert and Chris (with edges galore) but then going down in straight ends to Denise
  • another 3/3 for Ed -- woop-woop! -- not losing a single end, obviously powered by Lemsip Max

Another Broom/Cassy doubles show, another win to claim a 6-4 win, then post-match feasting on a McD's sticky toffee muffin and latte. Sweet.