EDitorial ± 16-Oct-2013

TT1314, Week 4

Fully thirteen months since our previous visit to the Con Club, aka Rosary HQ. Back then, things were looking up for both of us in the heady heights of Division 2. However, it didn't exactly pan out for either of us, both teams securing relegation to the basement. As a wise man once said, "there are no easy games in div 3 of the Ipswich & District table tennis league". Let's play ping-pong.

There's short serve Dave, number-plate spotter Tony and speedway Bob, all of whom know which end of the bat to hold. Gonna be tough. In brief:

  • only 2/3 for Ed -- there goes the 100% record -- phoning in an abject performance against Tony to lose in straight games
  • only 1/3 for Andy, outhit by Bob and also falling to in-form Tony
  • a very good 2/3 for Yang, recovering from losing to Tony ("hit the big green table!") to win his other two games with some impressive recoveries and lunging smashes

Since the Defiants runs as a meritocracy (now that Kev's stopped playing), that'd be Ed and Yang making a first doubles appearance. Wasn't to be, though, so both sides settled for the 5-5 draw. Then everyone, including the higher league Rosary team with John Gillett etc, back to the refurbed bar for an amicable drink.