EDitorial ± 21-Oct-2015

TT1516, Week 3

Key date today, 21-Oct-2015, for a Marty McFly wannabe like myself. I'm still using that old MJF photo as my login on the home 'puter. We didn't quite make it to Jaws 19 nor get flying cars, though fake hoverboards are here albeit banned on roads and pavements. Pepsi Perfect, anyone?

Didn't quite make it to the requisite 88mph on my bike en route to the Ladies Hockey club on Tuddenham Road. Yang and Steve both already there to demonstrate once more that I'm a man out of time. Raring to face us are father Terry and son Rob (previously) plus Chris from way back when. They beat Rosary 8-2 last night so we should have known what to expect. In brief:

  • awful 0/3 for Ed, nothing more to be said
  • good 1/3 for Yang, winning one epic five-ender against Rob before losing another (despite a number of matchpoints) to Terry
  • excellent 2/3 for Steve, losing only to Terry and that in the fifth end

With tea taken, Yang bouncing the ball pre-serve and mimiced by Terry, it was approaching 11pm by doubles time. No hanging around for Ed and Steve, losing very badly in straight games. One final honorary mention for former team mate and friend Grenvyle, who'd probably have got a point tonight, unlike Ed. Great Scott!