EDitorial ± 25-Nov-2015

TT1516, Week 2

I'm typing this at 00:21 and I've already had my PG and toast (Bonne Maman strawberry, since you ask, 'cos we appear to be out of apricot). Meaning that despite cycling back the 7.5 miles from Martlesham Heath in nippy conditions, we had a relatively early night, unlike last time.

Tonight's opponents were the Bright Stars (previously), with Vader (Nigel) and Maul (Warren) joined by Boba (Brian), ex of the Buzzards. Usual line-up for us of me and Yang and Steve. We knew those supernovas would be no pushovers.

  • six games played, six defeats, and looking grim for the rebel alliance
  • then A New Hope as Yang and Brian played out an epic 20-18 end with our man triumphing in straight ends
  • Willett Strikes Back as Steve outgunned Warren in three unlikely games
  • finally the Return Of The EdBroom as I used the force to edge past big-hitting Nigel

Here's a rarity. Everybody scored at least one point yet nobody scored a maximum. That, friends, like the original 1978 "Jawa" figure with vinyl cape, is highly collectable.