EDitorial ± 5-Oct-2016

TT1617, Rosary Yellow v. Defiants

Yang swims and Natalie netballs hence their limited availability. Bit of a rarity, then, to have both of them turn out tonight, the two of them declaring themselves to be more than a bit rusty.

Freewheeled over Norwich Road, Bramford Lane and Bramford Road to the Con Club for our match against Rosary Yellow. Was late, as usual, so only time for a quick knock before a 7:45 start against dexterous Dave, tempestuous Tony and cursory Clive. In brief:

  • poor single for Ed, boo, losing in straight ends to Dave and Tony before finally getting a grip to beat Clive
  • fab maximum for "rusty" Natalie, blasting everyone off the table
  • fortunate single for Yang, gaining a point when unlucky Tony stretched, pulled a muscle and limped off

Draw already gained, Yang let me and Natalie play the doubles, but the V-men, Dave and Clive, wanted it more, winning 3-0. Another week, another draw.