EDitorial ± 4-Feb-2015

TT1415, Week 16

Should probably have won last week's game. Nonetheless that's two unbeaten games on the trot, not too bad a boast in the thin oxygen of Division 2.

Trying to maximise our points, the A-team are out in force tonight with Ed, Yang and Natalie (in between writing an English essay on An Inspector Calls). Down to the Con Club for our Rosary Yellow pals who are, apparently, propping up the table. No Clive from our previous game but there's numberplate-spotting Tony, table-bothering Dave and cinder-burning Bob. In brief:

  • poor 1/3 for Ed, outclassed by Tony and outlasted by Dave before finally gaining a tough straight ends win over Bob
  • frustrating 0/3 for Natalie, losing two five-enders (inc. a 13-11 deuce) and managing to delay her parents pick-up until nearly 11pm
  • poor 1/3 for Yang, beating Dave to win our first point of the night around the 10:30pm mark

With Natalie whisked away, up to Ed and Yang in the doubles. Wasn't to be: all over in a merciful three games to Tony and Bob. They're nice guys, the Rosary bunch, but even so, an 8-2 defeat? Pants.