EDitorial ± 22-Mar-2017

TT1617, Defiants v. Manor B

Trying to catch up with postponed games, the scene is set for us to play another top-flight team who, unlike ourselves, are going up. Everyone's running late until everyone appears. Wulfs are on the other table, too, another team we won't be seeing for a while.

Once more we have the A-team of Ed, Natalie and Steve. Can we better our previous 3-7 defeat? Should be possible since Rosemary can't make it. Could be interesting since Morgan Freeman-alike Michael is taking her place, accompanied by stalwarts Des the steward and marketman Mick. In brief:

  • not Ed's night, 2-0 up before losing to Des then going steadily downhill in two other very poor losses
  • not Steve's night either, playing very well to take both Mick and Des to four ends before once again losing another five-ender to Michael
  • at least Natalie got a straightforward point against Michael and maybe should have beaten Mick too

Chance to double our points with a doubles win but fluffed that too, Ed and Natalie flattering to deceive. One lousy point and we were still there at 11pm. That, friends, why we're going down to the bottom.