EDitorial ± 19-Feb-2020

Woodbridge Lunches: Artizan

What with the shy and retired Andy's ActivIpswich activity, Wednesday has become the new Friday. Meet outside reception -- praise be to Apple's FindMyFriends -- and we're on the road in the sun. I'm sure that foreshadowing wind won't bother us.

Barely time to boil an egg before we're back in Woodbridge where it all started oh so long ago. As per last week, fortunate to find a free for half-an-hour slot, this time on St John's Street. Quick sunny stroll to the Thoroughfare where Andy turns left. Nope, right, I correct him, and we dive into Gobbitts Yard, home of the epicurean Cooks Shed. Here, relocated from Silent Street in Ipswich is the artisanal-new Artizan.

Same A1 breads, same top drawer desserts, and same Noel keeping it together. Doing well in the bountiful 'Bridge after trade dried up in the strapped 'Swich, his single table is already occupied. No matter: savouries ordered, we take the outside seating to be shortly joined by our finely presented plates. A leaf or two plus our shared pakora and samosa and Italian slice, all vegan, and with enough spicy taste to sustain us through a chill February lunchtime.

That said, we're awfully glad to get back inside where, with great timing, the family are now leaving. I've got a conference call at 2pm, alas, so gotta take away a hot chocolate each and leave it at that. Noel, though, invites us to try one of his handmade vegan chocolates. Oh my. And then sends us on our way with another free sample, again excellent. No wonder he's doing alright.

If it was a car -- BMW Art Car.
If they were passing by -- Fiona Melrose.