EDitorial ± 26-Jun-2021

Ipswich Lunches: The Milkshed

OK, so we-as-a-nation didn't quite make that 21st June date on the Road to De-mask-us, celebrated somewhat prematurely by that tremendous Streets "Who's Got The Bag?" track, but we are permitted to partake of provisions prior to a Parkinson's ping-pong practice. Up past Sainbury's, up-up-and-away past Chantry Park then straight on 'til morning or you see that disconcerting Catch 22 school sign.

Not to be confused with The Shed at Sproughton, The Milkshed (Milk Shed? Milkshedcafe?) is also within spitting distance of Sproughton. In fact, take Church Lane 400m down the road and that'll take you and your bicycle under the A14 into S-town. As I'm cooling down from my ride and admiring the Nourish-like gravelled exterior with Big Wooden Arbor, I see that Andy's taken a shady table-a-deux close to the main building. And here comes his Scotch egg and coleslaw with a good looking iced coffee. Don't wait for me, Andy.

"Any chance you could do me the avocado on sourdough?" I ask inside the cool-in-every-sense interior (I like those Atom Heart Mother prints). Breakfast finished at 11:30am; it's now 11:35am. "Have you seen Falling Down with Michael Douglas?" No, they haven't. Ten minutes later I'm back out dodging that darn sun and enjoying my Brick Lane brunch c/w poached egg, seeds and chilli jam, plus a Maynard House juice. Posh, here, where they believe in "fika" -- drink coffee, eat cake, relax with others -- which has been the whole light lunch ethos since 2007. Their standard menu includes a Scandi salad bowl, numerous open sandwiches and assorted charcuterie goodies.

Sportsmen that we are, we're all too aware that we'll both be needing energy for an afternoon of table tennis up at The Dome, hence the shared cinnamon roll and cheeky Paris Brest bun -- both excellent -- with a Crude macchiato that could play a forehand winner with one hand behind its back. Milk Shed, bra gjort!

If it was a car -- Uniti One.
If they were passing by -- Peter Stormare.