EDitorial ± 8-Jan-2013

TT1213, Week 12

Six long weeks since our last competitive game and we've every right to feel (and look) a bit rusty. Coming up to the labs for a return leg tonight are our old friends from Rosary, so that's Foxhall Bob, Tony and, eventually, David plus his Dad. It's a family sport, after all. In brief:

  • 3/3 max for Ed, yay!, taking advantage of off-nights from Bob and Tony
  • 3/3 max for Kennedy, yay!, despite falling off a camel in Dubai-ous circumstances last week
  • 2/3 for Steve, yay!, playing super-positive to brush past David and Bob before losing an epic encounter to Tony (first end was 20-18 to Steve)

That'd be 8-1 -- to us! -- going into the doubles, Kennedy & Ed evidently feeling sorry for Rosary and gifting them a consolation point. Good night for Defiants, and goodnight from me.