EDitorial ± 30-Nov-2015

TT1516, Week 10

Once more past the sleeping giants of the sugar beet factory. Once more along the insomniac A14 by the hyperactive Toys 'R' Us. Once more down the chop-chop-busy-busy A12. Once more into somnolent Mary's Chapel, aka Capel St Mary.

Battle through the Brownies and associated parents and guardians, and slip through the secret door which leads upstairs to The Room with The Table. Waiting for us are Capel "C" (previously) with canny Dave, TractorBoy Richard and Manningtree John.

  • hard-fought and caper-filled opening encounter between Dave and Ed went the way of age and experience
  • they won a game, we won a game, and so it continued on the matt green landscape of the Premium Rollaway 19 for the first eight games
  • scapegoat for the night was nearly-but-not-quite Steve, forever emerging on the wrong side of close run affairs
  • no escape from the mighty Yang as he outwitted all opposition

Over to Yang and Ed for the doubles. Record thus far this season has been played six, won zero, lost six so rather good to finally nail a win, both in that particular game and for an overall 6-4 victory. Must mention John's generosity in bringing along a pack of Waitrose continental dark chocolate butter biscuits. Yum.

EDitorial ± 29-Nov-2015

130Story: Feet / Handy / Fast / Sound / Clever

The rules of 130Story are simple: given a random seed word, write a story in 130 characters.






More to follow.

EDitorial ± 25-Nov-2015

TT1516, Week 2

I'm typing this at 00:21 and I've already had my PG and toast (Bonne Maman strawberry, since you ask, 'cos we appear to be out of apricot). Meaning that despite cycling back the 7.5 miles from Martlesham Heath in nippy conditions, we had a relatively early night, unlike last time.

Tonight's opponents were the Bright Stars (previously), with Vader (Nigel) and Maul (Warren) joined by Boba (Brian), ex of the Buzzards. Usual line-up for us of me and Yang and Steve. We knew those supernovas would be no pushovers.

  • six games played, six defeats, and looking grim for the rebel alliance
  • then A New Hope as Yang and Brian played out an epic 20-18 end with our man triumphing in straight ends
  • Willett Strikes Back as Steve outgunned Warren in three unlikely games
  • finally the Return Of The EdBroom as I used the force to edge past big-hitting Nigel

Here's a rarity. Everybody scored at least one point yet nobody scored a maximum. That, friends, like the original 1978 "Jawa" figure with vinyl cape, is highly collectable.

EDitorial ± 22-Nov-2015

130Story: Syrup / Carry

The rules of 130Story are simple: given a random seed word, write a story in 130 characters.



More to follow.

EDitorial ± 20-Nov-2015

Woodbridge Lunches: Pizza I Paella

Eejit that I am, I made the schoolboy error of taking Andy's "10 minutes" at face value when really I should have treated that figure as if it were emerging from my own lips. Mathematically questionable, it should be taken as "at least 15 minutes". Which left muggins standing awkwardly in the works car park freezing my butt off and trying to treat my phone like a pocket heater. However, Mrs Sarah Dippity came a calling in the form of a timely tweet from the Riverside:

Five minutes later we were whizzing Woodbridge-wards in the 'Wagen. There, in the space where the restaurant owner usually parks his voiture de choix, sat a bright orange tent. Waddya know, they were still firing up the wood fired oven and suggested we head to the bar for ten minutes. On a Friday, that's a suggestion you'll take. Pleasantly warm inside slurping a sophisticated pink lemonade, made better still by the maitre d' agreeing that we could eat our takeaway goodies (not yet ordered) there at the bar. Grazie.

After killing some time, I headed back out to find the blackboard: margarita pizza £5, vegetarian £6, pepperoni or chorizo £7. No paella until late afternoon, sadly. Two meaty pizzas, per favore. In again, chat a bit, wait for the sign then out again to pick up the goods. Freshly made piping hot 10-inch beauties straight out of a French holiday camp. Hard to beat, non? Barely touched the sides with various Riverside staff more than expressing an interest.

Already well ahead this particular Friday, we ensured the victory by hanging around for an excellent jolt handmade by the barista guy behind the bar. So, no idea if they'll be back at all but well recommended if you catch an orangey glimpse and smell hot rosemary.

If it was a car -- Giottiline Ginko.
If they were passing by -- Gianfranco Zola.

EDitorial ± 15-Nov-2015

130Story: Fling / Princess / Chew / Go

The rules of 130Story are simple: given a random seed word, write a story in 130 characters.





More to follow.

EDitorial ± 13-Nov-2015

Ipswich Lunches: Doorsteps

Cycling along near the Temperance Hall t'other day, I glanced over towards the town and saw that Mailboxes Etc on the corner was no more. Within the vacated shop was a sign suggesting that these premises could play host to a cafe. Twigged, yet? For that site, number 8 High Street, was previously home to the mighty Carrot Cake, easily the best Canadian themed eatery in central Ipswich. If you're feeling a tad nostalgic, we can take advantage of the Wayback Machine to take a look at the CC website (designed by my own fair hand, natch) from late 2004. Avi Kniznik, come on home!

Those chunky fresh chicken sandwiches came to mind when my eyes finally resolved to show me the name of this week's light lunch destination. Let's do Doorsteps, a new-ish "sandwich bar and coffee shop" on Ippo's busy St Nicholas Street. You know, near Marno's and Andy's Records. Probably not much of a recommendation from someone as colourblind as myself but I'm very much liking that paintwork. For yonkers, this was Arnie's Sarnies -- "You'll Be Back" -- savoury seller to Willis workers and Axa ants. Mid-2014, along came the empire-building owners of Willy's And Milly's to open their second outlet, and rather nice it is too.

Were this a straight sandwichery like up-the-road Rumbles, we wouldn't be here, of course. Provision of select seating, however, guarantees our presence. There's all manner of fillings from which to choose. Typical of yours truly to ask for corned beef which is, perhaps due to nutritional guidelines, not on offer. No matter, a toasted ham & cheese & onion on granary plus a Coke Life will more than do. Andy's a sucker for a grapefruit San Pellegrino. We grab a high table in the window to admire the arty decor and observe the many in-and-out grab-a-quick-biters. Top toastwork, too, plus a soupcon of salad on the side.

Good chat with owner Judith reveals that she's a newcomer to the town, having only been here for the last 20 or so years. Obviously got her head screwed on to be in this prime spot betwixt the town centre and The Saints. What with our free half-hour spot, there's barely time to order a couple of takeaway coffees (strong 'n' hot) and first-class handmade cakes (cherries 'n' almonds). Beat a path to Doorsteps.

If it was a car -- Peel Trident.
If they were passing by -- Tracey Thorn.

EDitorial ± 11-Nov-2015

TT1516, Week 8

Monday 9th November:

  • 20:21 — paid £34.99 on ebay for new Mamba Strike table tennis bat with Kokutaku soft rubbers

Tuesday 10th November:

  • 10:04 — bat dispatched from "custommadeshop" seller

Wednesday 11th November:

  • 12:59 — got email stating "your order is ready for collection at your selected Argos store"
  • 18:17 — carefully locked bike outside Argos (don't want to lose another) and popped inside to pick up my package
  • 19:23 — left home on bike to Manor Club in central Ipswich
  • 19:44 — peeled off protective film to play and beat intense Winsley
  • 20:13 — Yang overcame Kevin on a deuce in the 5th end
  • 20:35 — Steve triumphed over Michael in another epic five ender
  • 20:52 — mamba-ed Kevin in three straight games to go 4-0 up
  • 22:47 — recovered from losing first two ends to edge out Michael for my first maximum of the season
  • 23:20 — Yang won out over an increasingly overwrought Winsley to also grab his first maximum
  • 23:38 — started doubles with Yang in another game which threatened to go the distance
  • 23:57 — helped them tidy away lighting, tables, etc.

Thursday 12th November:

  • 00:07 — left Manor Club on bike to head home with an 8-2 win
  • 00:27 — made tea and toast

EDitorial ± 8-Nov-2015

130Story: Pear / Goat / Craze / Pip / Walk

The rules of 130Story are simple: given a random seed word, write a story in 130 characters.






More to follow.

EDitorial ± 6-Nov-2015

Light Lunches: 221B, Framlingham

You're watching Detectorists, right, that BBC sitcom about the petty affairs of the Danebury Metal Detecting Club? If not, sort yourself out, pronto. Start with the first series, ideally, before jumping in to the just started new series now showing on BBC4. Stars Mackenzie Crook, him of the wonky PotC eye, and Toby Jones, him from Marvellous. Mentioned here, and I'm sure you're already ahead of me, since much of the filming takes place in Framlingham. Club members socialise at the Castle Inn, Lance's ex had a shop in the square, and last week's episode had Andy spying opposite the Lemon Tree. As Danny Baker said when interviewing MC on Saturday, watching Detectorists "is like taking off a tight pair of shoes." High praise.

One part of town not yet glimpsed on the HD-ready is the roundabout by Charlie Simpson's Dad's estate agents, near the dead White Horse pub that Andy's all set to renovate. To the left, now Kitty's has croaked, there's the pretty good if awkwardly shaped Paddy & Scott's. To the right was a humdrum bakery. Well, that bread basket has now blossomed into 221B, an "artisan bakery & bistro", appaz. Artisan? Well, we'll see about that. Today's driver -- er, Andy -- has already been here a bunch of times and thinks highly of the place, not least for its generous opening hours.

It's recently been demonstrated to me that I'm completely colour blind, so perhaps I'm not the best person to make the following observation: doesn't that blue-ish signage remind you of Gregg's? Lettering promises "bistro / cakes / sandwiches / tea / coffee / wine". Quick eye at the tapas board, offering meatballs and olives and shrimps and mushrooms, before a return to far more traditional light lunch fare. Double sausage and double bacon and a fried egg, por favor. One in a panini, one in a 221B woppa, the house roll. Away from the showery Suffolk skies, there's no shortage of assorted seating in this welcoming space. Sat with a can of Cawston press cloudy apple and tucking into an ADB busta-bap sure beats working.

Best is yet to come since the array of what my mum calls "cakestuff" rivals the Woodbridge Cake Shop Bakery with croissants and Bath buns and tea cakes and scones and puffs and tarts and brownies and doughnuts et cetera. Pair of us are like middle-aged men in a cakeshop. I had the best chocolate eclair ever, so there. Freshness, size, texture, all mighty fine. Latte was OK, too. Gary, Mr Baker, is doing his utmost to emulate continental bakeries here, and I hope he's on to a winner. Never going to be as special as the unique Common Room up the road but it'll more than do. Go, Gary.

If it was a car -- Yellow TR7.
If they were passing by -- Pearce Quigley.

EDitorial ± 3-Nov-2015

TT1516, Week 7

Weird old season thus far. Play a week, skip a week and never really get going. Would be good to have a solid run of Bryant and Mays. Match me, Sidney!

Home on the Adastral range ce soir and is it me or is it a tad warm in here? Being a Tuesday, Yang's not in the gang so up steps trusty sub Alison who managed to net a couple of valuable points for us last year. And, in doing so, may have kept us up in div 2. Makes a player think, to be sure.

Blue is the colour of Rosary tonight with their previous line-up of oh Phil, skinny Matt and Numanoid Adrian In brief:

  • good 2/3 for Ed, recovering some form after last week's duck
  • poor 0/3 for Steve, not really at the races compared to last week's brace
  • disappointing 0/3 for Alison, losing to Matt in the final end

Alison opted out of the doubles but Ed and Steve were no match for the Essex pairing of Phil and Matt. Four games, four defeats.

EDitorial ± 1-Nov-2015

130Story: Haunt / Trick / Fog / Grave / Shirt

The rules of 130Story are simple: given a random seed word, write a story in 130 characters.






More to follow.