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Official directions from those good folk at the Landmark Trust are:
By road from the south, take the A12 towards Ipswich.

As you approach Ipswich, take the A14 eastwards towards Felixstowe. After about 1.5 miles, take the A137 exit and from the slip road roundabout turn towards Ipswich.

At the next roundabout, after half a mile, turn right onto the B1456 towards Shotley. Drive under the high road bridge and continue for a mile until you reach a pub ('Freston Boot').

Continue slowly turn left (at the Landmark Trust sign) onto a track opposite a lay-by. Follow the signs and park in the first field on your left as you turn through the entrance gate. Once you have parked your car, continue on foot for approximately 5 to 10 minutes, as directed.

Follow the track all the way to a group of cottages going over a cattle grid. On approach to the cottages continue walking along the track to the left. Freston Tower will be visible in front of you.

My Directions
Alternatively, here's how I get there.

If you'd like to go and see the Tower, you ought to first drive to Ipswich. This map of the area should help you get your initial bearings. From the town centre make for the docks and head south, following the signs for Shotley and Manningtree. This will take you out of town along Wherstead Road through the area known as Stoke.

After driving for a couple of minutes you should find yourself at a roundabout (sign is pictured on the right): turn left towards Shotley and Holbrook. You're now on the stretch of road known as the Strand, but more properly called the B1456.

The Strand
Glancing left to admire the view as you pass underneath the Orwell bridge, you'll shortly begin the climb up Freston Hill with the Freston sign on your left. At the top of the hill on the right is the village pub, The Boot, and the turn-off to the main part of the village, including the church. Depending on how busy things are, you can either park at the pub (provided that you pay them a visit afterwards!) or a little further on in a lay-by on the right hand side.

The Boot
Once parked, almost directly opposite the Boot is a sign for a public footpath. Take this path, which initially cuts between some houses, and go down then up a slight slope. In no time at all you should see the wooden sign to Freston Park. There are pointers back to Freston and on to Woolverstone too.

Head for Freston Park, and (if these directions are any good) you should catch a glimpse of the Tower in the distance. You'll need to cross a cattle grid, which looks like the entrance to some privately-owned land, but the public footpath will lead you to the left of the buildings and take you immediately to the left of the Tower. This more detailed map might help you out: look for the red arrow.

Be aware that the Tower stands on private land and isn't open to the general public. However, take the footpath and carry on down through Freston Park to take in the views of the river and the Orwell bridge.

In his East Anglian Curiosities book, Rick O'Brien helpfully provides some proper map references:

OS map:
Ipswich and the Naze area, sheet 169, 1:50,000
Map ref:
TM 177 397
Marked on the map as "Tower", it stands in Freston Park

Enjoy your visit!

      Roundabout at end of Wherstead Road
Head left towards Shotley

Freston sign
Welcome to Freston!

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