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Towards the end of 1999, it was reported by the local Ipswich newspaper, the Evening Star, that Freston Tower had been donated to an organisation called the Landmark Trust by the then-owner, Mrs Claire Hunt.

From a Landmark Trust brochure

To quote from one of their leaflets:

The Landmark Trust is a charity that rescues and restores worthwhile historic buildings, and then gives them a new life by letting them for holidays. The Trust promotes the enjoyment and appreciation of such buildings, and the income generated pays for their continuing maintenance.

Information from the Landmark Trust about the Tower:

  • from a one-page sheet given out at the Open Doors 2000:
  • from their appeal leaflet:

How the handing-over was reported by the Evening Star in 1999:

  • from the paper, the full text of the article
  • the clipping itself

As and when I hear anything else, I'll let you know.


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