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What's new with the Tower? Well...

June 2004
To tie in with the official (re)opening of the Tower, I've finally got round to scanning in my small collection of vintage picture postcards. Go see how it used to look.

24 May 2004
One 16th century folly tower now available as a holiday destination through the Landmark Trust — check out its availability on their web site.

April 2004
Freston Tower featured on another local television programme — Maxwell's Hidden Treasures on Anglia TV. Didn't see this myself, I confess, but a friend was good enough to send me a text message about ten minutes after it ended!

February 2004
Scaffolding (see below) has finally gone! I wouldn't have known this except for a very kind email from Sue, who lives at Freston, and who sent me a photo showing the newly exposed Tower.

I took a trip out there late afternoon today on a sunny but bitterly cold day and inevitably took a few snaps. Here's one:

Check out that repointing

It's still a construction site out there with a portaloo and two huts, and the whole place is surrounded by metal fencing. However, very good to see all six floors again and looking rather good too.

November 2003
Received the new 2004 price list from the Landmark Trust which now includes the Tower. Apparently it sleeps four (that's one and a half floors each, I reckon) in a twin room and a double room, and includes "awkward stairs". You don't say.

A three-night stay ranges from £288 in late November up to £400 in the summer, so there you go.

July 2003
Freston Tower becomes one of six buildings in the East of England added to the newly compiled Buildings At Risk Register — see this BBC report for more.

April 2003
Tower, what Tower? I presume the Landmark Trust must have raised enough money for the restoration, since there ain't nothing to see but scaffolding!

Tower's in there somewhere

This could take a while.

August 2002

In which a trip to the Tower turns nasty.

December 2001

New Year's Eve, we all need some air, it's been snowing, so Dad takes the kids for a stroll near a local landmark.

June 2001
As you may have seen in me & the Tower, I was contacted by an Anglia TV researcher in November 2000 about allowing access to the Tower for filming.

Riddles of the River

A series was made called Riddles Of The River, presented by Bryan McNerney, and was broadcast in the Anglia television region in the early part of 2001. Programme 2 featured the Orwell, including Pin Mill, Margaret Catchpole and of course the Tower. I missed it, alas.

But, as I write in June 2001, it's apparently due to be repeated in July and August, so I hope to catch it second time around.

I'd love to hear from you, by the way, if you've got anything to add about the Tower and/or the village.


Amended 14-Jun-2004 by EFB