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Freston Tower
Landmark Trust
Open Doors 2000
Cobbold book
Historical papers
Me & the Tower
Tower Freston Tower

Here's the best of the rest.

The Owners

Landmark Trust > Tower page
Owners since 1999, they give a quick introduction to the Tower and include a photo too.


Folly Fellowship
A pressure group to protect, preserve and promote follies
British Tourist Authority > The Eccentric East
Passing mention of the Tower, this time along with the Ickworth rotunda and the House in the Clouds at Thorpe Ness.

Freston village

Marcus Bateman's Pages
You'll find everything you could conceivably want to know about the village on Marcus's comprehensive site. Includes a detailed history, info about notable families, and even an index of the Freston census returns. Quality stuff.
Simon's Suffolk Churches > Freston
Lots of nice photos and information about the church of St Peter in the village. One small part of Simon Knott's extensive site.
Suffolk Country Walks > Freston walk
Michael Anderton, aka Mike The Hike, has a local walk published in the Ipswich Evening Star every Saturday; he also puts them online, luckily for us.
GENUKI > Freston
Genealogical info for Freston, most of which has been prepared by Marcus Bateman.
Shotley Peninsula Online > Freston
A community website for the area. At the time of writing, the Freston page had photos but was waiting for some text.


Glynn Thomas
Original etchings available from an artist based just outside Ipswich.
Orwell River Cruises
A company that has scheduled river cruises from Ipswich to Harwich, taking in Freston Tower, Pin Mill, etc.
Stour & Orwell Estuaries
Included on a page of historic landmarks together with the Royal Hospital School, Mistley Towers, etc.

Please drop me an email if you're aware of any other interesting sites.


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