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Historical Papers

With a small amount of digging around, I found these papers concerning the Tower on the shelves of the Suffolk Record Office. Both were originally printed in the Proceedings of the Suffolk Institute of Archaeology.

There's lots of good factual information here, rather than my deeply subjective ramblings, which has to be a good thing.

  • 1856 paper by Samuel Tymms:
    • This is the shorter of the two, and gives a concise architectual description of the Tower before presenting the Ellen de Freston legend. It also sets out to debunk the story of the Tower as presented in the Rev. Cobbold's novel.
  • 1909 paper by Rev. C.R. Durrant:
    • A much longer paper, this attempts to pin down the origins of the Tower in terms of historical source documents. There are also some detailed appendices which, among other things, list the Lords of Freston.

If you're aware of any other sources, please let me know.


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