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The one-page sheet given out by the Landmark Trust at the Open Day 2000 gave some brief details on their planned restoration of the Tower. This is what they wrote.

Freston Tower has been generously gifted to the Landmark Trust by Mrs Claire Hunt who wished the tower to have a secure future and to be enjoyed by many. It has been well cared for by her over the years but still needs a considerable amount of work to make it into a Landmark. Further research into its history is also required before final plans can be drawn up.

The entire tower will be scaffolded to enable repairs to the exterior. The brickwork requires repointing in many areas using lime rather than cement based mortar. Originally the brick mullions and surrounds of the window were rendered to resemble stone - a building material that is so lacking in East Anglia - and we will be putting back this decorative finish.

The windows are not original and will be replaced with leaded lights in metal framed casements that are more in keeping with the building. We are interested to know what was on the two square areas on either side of the fourth floor window on the south side.

The lead roof is in good condition, but structural repairs are needed to the pinnacles, the top of the staircase turret and to the arcaded parapet. Until fairly recently there used to be a porch around the front door, which itself may have been a remnant of something more elaborate, and we are investigating the reinstatement of this feature.

Inside, the arrangement of the accommodation will be changed. The top floor, which has the grandest windows and best views, will become the sitting room. Below that will be the kitchen/dining room followed by a double bedroom, a bathroom and separate loo (as they are at present), a twin bedroom, and finally the hall on the ground floor. The bricked-up windows on this floor will be re-opened.

The kitchen and bathroom will be renewed as will all the services. The timber floors will be repaired. Modern and missing plaster will be renewed with traditional lime plaster.

Subject to raising the necessary funds, we hope to start work on Freston Tower next year [2001]. The result will we hope be a memorable building for up to four people to stay in all year round.

There is a current appeal running to raise funds for the repair of Freston Tower. Please help if you can by making a donation by contacting:

The Landmark Trust
01628 825920
website: Landmark Trust

If any visitors have old illustrations, descriptions or historical information about Freston Tower please contact Alastair Dick-Cleland at the above address.


Amended 30-May-2001 by EFB